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What a Difference a Year Makes!

This year I am not making scones as displacement activity instead of doing my tax return.

Comfort food is OUT because I am following the 5:2 eating plan. Scones are off the menu. Ditto pancakes and all other such carb-laden ‘treats’. I won’t even mention chocolate!

Instead I am filling up on protein, veggies and limited amounts of fruit. The great thing is I am not counting calories because I am rubbish at that. Numbers, as you know, are NOT my thing.

My kick-start came from a little booklet inside the Daily Mail which outlined the basics and had an eating plan. I’ve been using the recipes from that.

It’s not been too hard actually. I am eating really well and can’t say I feel hungry. Well maybe occasionally but there’s always something you can have to fill the gap. I’ve not had many cravings but if I get desperate, I have a teaspoon of Nutella. Talking of nuts – they are great as a keep-you-going snack and have lots of health benefits. I measure these out into a small airtight box so I always have some handy and don’t eat the whole packet.

What’s not to like when lunch consists of rye bread with light cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, dill pickle, tomatoes, rocket , lettuce, lemon and black pepper?

Smoked salmon on rye

I can’t seek solace in a glass of wine, tincture of brandy or bottle of beer, though I do have the odd gin and slimline tonic. I could have these drinks if I wanted but I would rather have food so fizzy water with slices of frozen orange, lemon or lime is the order of the day. I have switched my usual Diet Coke for the caffeine free version. I know I should give it up too but it’s a small vice all things considered.

Desserts are allowed provided you make them yourself the 5:2 way. I particularly like the upside-down strawberry cheesecake which consists of berries in a glass (I used frozen ones), low fat Greek yoghourt , topped with a crushed digestive per person. Delicious.

Cheesecake dessert

I even had a restaurant curry on Friday night with friends – and I haven’t put on a pound. Woo hoo. The bottom line is I have lost 7lbs in less than two weeks – and for me that is amazing. I have tried every diet there is. I have been on and off them since I was 15 years old and none have worked as well as this.

And what about my tax return? Well it IS on my To Do list.

The book on which the diet is based is The 2-Day Diet Quick And Easy Edition by Dr Michelle Harvie & Professor Tony Howell.

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